Song of the Day: The Memories – “Purple”

Posted by Greg on May 14, 2020 in Music


We’ve been in somewhat of a music vacuum these days. That is to say, we’re not exactly inundating ourselves with music on a daily basis. But sometimes a song comes along that pulls you out of that vacuum. This week that song is “Purple” from Los Angeles collective The Memories. Read more…


Joe Iadanza Tackles Springsteen

Posted by Greg on May 5, 2020 in Music


We’ve written about Joe Iadanza on this blog before so seeing his name again should not come as a surprise. What does come as a surprise though is the bold and downright kick-ass idea that Iadanza has concocted. In an effort to cope with COVID-19, he has crafted the ambitious 40 Days of Bruce. Yep, you read that right, 40 songs of Springsteen. Read more…


Weekend Jam: TEOA – “Not The End”

Posted by Greg on May 2, 2020 in Music

For the past decade or so, we’ve been quite enamored with the homespun DIY folk of Philly’s TEOA (The End of America). The prolific duo have released three albums since 2010 (Shakey and Steep Bay remain our faves) but in the past couple of years have released one-off singles nearly every month. Sometimes those singles take the form of a cover, like The Isley Brothers’ “Footsteps in the Dark” and Leonard Cohen’s ubiquitous “Hallelujah.” Read more…


Album of the Week: Mark Erelli – Blindsided

Posted by Greg on Apr 22, 2020 in Music

If you browse this blog long enough, you will notice a bevy of posts about Mark Erelli, and that’s no accident. For as long as I have listened to music critically, his music has been part of the journey. His self titled debut, released in 1999, helped make sense of the high school to college transition. Similarly, 2000s Compass and Companion helped usher in those all too exciting and ephemeral college years. Read more…


Tuesday Tunes: Michael Bluestein – “Why Corona?”

Posted by Greg on Apr 21, 2020 in Music

Posting has not been our strength despite the COVID epidemic. That however is more due to chemotherapy and balancing the weekly ups-and-downs of colon cancer. But something came across our desk and we felt compared to share. Sure there have been TONS of COVID-related songs released to date (and most of them are probably worth posting) but this one seemed to hit a tone that just felt honest, sincere and heartfelt. Read more…


Song of the Day: Esther Rose – “My Favorite Mistake” (Sheryl Crow cover)

Posted by Greg on Mar 23, 2020 in Music

Esther Rose

Welps, here we are. Three weeks since a foot of my colon was removed, and a few days away from starting chemotherapy. Not to mention COVID-19 craziness. So yeah, things have been a bit too quiet around here. That’s going to change though. Read more…


Artist of the Day: Joe Crookston

Posted by Greg on Feb 20, 2020 in Music

Take a moment today and download/stream a song by Joe Crookston. Doesn’t really matter what song in the end, odds are you’ll most likely be moved. Though there are quite a few songs we prefer (more on that later), chances are whatever you land on will feature first-rate songwriting, lyrics that read like a novella and polished musicianship. Crookston, a native Ohioan, who calls Ithaca, NY home is something of a Renaissance man. In addition to his duties as a singer-songwriter, he’s also an accomplished fiddle player, slide guitarist, painter, teacher and tour guide. Read more…


Song of the Day: Satin Nickel – “Call It”

Posted by Greg on Feb 14, 2020 in Music

Happy Valentine’s Day, beloved readers. The 2020 return of our Song of the Day features the gorgeous indie-folk of Satin Nickel’s “Call It.” Buttressed by confident vocals, luxuriant strings and a sweetly affecting chorus, it is easily one of our favorite songs we’ve heard this year. Read more…


Revisiting: A Q+A with Frederick Reiken

Posted by Greg on Feb 5, 2020 in Books

Since we’re referencing Frederick Reiken, here’s a Q+A we did with him a few weeks after we wrote the book review. Read more…


Digging Through the Archives: Frederick Reiken’s Day for Night

Posted by Greg on Feb 5, 2020 in Books


Slowly but surely we’ll begin migrating much of the content from our former home on the web (the now defunct Resident Media Pundit) and moving it over here. Those posts will be labeled Digging Through the Archives. After a long dialogue with a fellow book lover over email I found myself remembering 2010’s Day for Night and how much that book is a tonic for these divisive modern times. Head to the jump to see the original post. Read more…

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