A Look Back, Five Years Later: Chadwick Stokes’ The Horse Comanche

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The Horse Comanche, the third album from Dispatch frontman Chadwick Stokes didn’t end up on many 2015 year-end lists, but it probably should have. Read more…


Our Favorite Albums of 2018

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Okay, we didn’t listen to everything this year, and there are probably 50 albums we forgot, but without further ado, here are our favorite albums of 2018.

1. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour
2. Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino
3. Courtney Barnett – Tell Me How You Really Feel
4. Beach House – 7
5. Brandi Carlile – By The Way, I Forgive You
6. MGMT – Little Dark Age
7. Wye Oak – The Louder I Call, the Faster it Runs
8. Snail Mail – Lush
9. Foxing – Nearer My God
10. Phosphorescent – C’Est La Vie Read more…


Song of the Day: Lemonade by Rubblebucket

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Whoops, September began and we got quiet. Rest assured, it’s not for lack of desire. Alas, life has been a whirlwind these past couple weeks, but we’re back on track and ready to dive in.

We’ve long been fans of Brooklyn’s quirky funk-jam-pop outfit Rubblebucket, mostly because of their dynamic live show, but also because so many of their songs are downright magnetic. The band’s latest album Sun Machine is out now and just might be their best album to date. Read more…


2018 Hopscotch Lineup Announced

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One of our favorite music festival, Raleigh, NC’s Hopscotch has announced its 2018 lineup and this year promises to be one of the best to date. Read more…


Song of the Day: Joseph III “Jesus”

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We’ll admit it. We’re a sucker for alt-country and most definitely a sucker for covers. Heck our favorite book of 2017 was Ray Padgett’s Cover Me. But as much as we like alt-country and cover songs, SITH gets even more giddy when said cover is a religious or spiritual song. Read more…


Tim Halperin Drops New Single

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With American Idol now in full swing (more on that in the days to come) it’s time to shed light on American Idol alums. Nashville-based singer-songwriter Tim Halperin who was Top 24 on Idol in 2011, has dropped “Work For It,” the lead single from his third album, Chances, due out May 4. The song itself is an ode to confident woman and draws on the singer’s penchant for upbeat, feel good pop. Read more…


The Low Anthem’s Oceanic Masterpiece

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Often times when bands add machinated and synthetic elements, they do so in a way that distorts their arc, their method and their craft. The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea, the fourth album from Rhode Island folk collective The Low Anthem is an example of how that very thing does not happen. Yes, the album is chock full of electronic flourishes. Blips and bleeps permeate much of the album, but from start to finish, this album is distinctly Low Anthem and easily their best album to date. Quite frankly, this is one of the best albums this site has ever reviewed. Read more…


The Silver Linings Playbook is Worth the Hype

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Saw the much-ballyhooed David O. Russell film The Silver Linings Playbook last night and came away quite impressed. Though it is a romance at heart, there’s tons of charm here without being saccharine and over-the-top (i.e. Nicholas Sparks). As much a romance as it is a familial drama, there’s a zest in each of the lead actors (Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper) as well as the supporting cast (Robert DeNiro, Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker, et. al). I haven’t seen romantic chemistry as strong or as realistic as Lawrence and Cooper in this film. Russell has certainly continued his recent hot streak and seems to be coming into his own as a filmmaker. Between this and The Fighter, he has made two monstrous, character-driven films that are absolutely worth seeing. If anything, the film makes me more interested in Matthew Quick’s book.


Boston’s Waterworks Museum

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Whoops. Been awhile since I’ve written in this thing, so without further ado, here goes:

Roughly a year ago I found myself in Chesnut Hill, MA, just across the way from the reservoir killing time before embarking on a date with my then-girlfriend. In truth I was just looking for a place to park and unwind and listen to Boston sports talk radio. In the end I found myself on the grounds of the Boston Waterworks Museum and Apartments. Only I didn’t even know that’s what they were called. All I knew is the place seemed swanky, the architecture was stunning and I knew I was on the grounds of something special. The ever-curious, always probing journalist in me decided to tiptoe around and saw a sign indicating that I was on the grounds of the soon-to-be-completed Boston Waterworks Museum. I jotted down the note and came back from Boston and entered the title in Google.

Lo and behold the URL WaterworksMuseum.org, yielded a PowerPoint presentation describing the museum’s mission and plan of action for launch. I did some more Google searching and it sadly yielded very little. I was told it would open in the fall and remained quiet, hoping the new web site would be unveiled soon. August turned to September and September turned to December, and still nothing. But alas all that has changed now that the Web site is live.

All I’ll say is this. Having visited the museum in its infant stages, walked the grounds and looked inside the doors, this place needs to be seen to be believed. I truly feel like it could singlehandedly be a reason to visit Boston and I encourage all of ya’ll to check it out. If you’re ever in Beantown, do yourself a favor and visit. Please.

For those interested, head on over to the site


The Sports World Let Me Down This Week

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I was all prepared to extol the virtues of the sports world and usher in college football with resounding conviction. And then the athletic gods cast their ugly aspersions. In the middle of the week Nyjer Morgan acted like a brute and showed little regard for the game of baseball. Once upon a time, I was the one wishing a player of his caliber could play for my team. Now I want him removed from baseball ASAP. Two days later and a double whammy. The UNC football team were saddled with a litany of sanctions stemming from an NCAA investigation against illegal conduct between players and agents.

While one can’t fault the players (or can we?) one can certainly point a finger at Butch Davis and his staff. And then as if to add insult to injury, Rooger Goodell showed what a true wimp he really is by negating Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension to just four games. Four games? Are you serious? And then he has the gall to release a press statement championing Roethlisberger for meeting the NFL’s criteria. What criteria exactly? Why doesn’t Goodell just come out and say that he’s reinstating Big Ben to boost ratings and make sure the NFL makes more money. Isn’t it obvious? The Steelers without Big Ben don’t draw audiences. And therein lies the problem. In this ever microscopic society, Roger Goodell thinks its far more important to put the almighty dollar above ethics and morals. Long live college football……no, wait, that’s tainted, too.

Long live high school football. Okay, that’s tainted too, but let’s just ignore that for a minute and go with it.

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