A Long List of Film Recs After Viewing a Boatload of Screeners

Posted by Greg on Jul 21, 2021 in Movies

Parallel Love
-the alt-rock indie band Luxury tries to make it big in a small town in Georgia. A life-altering accident on the road to a gig re-orders their priorities and some of the band members become Eastern Orthodox priests. While that latter part is not touched upon nearly as much as we would have hoped for it is an inspiring and winning film that deserves more attention. Read more…


Films We Are Most Stoked to See This Summer/Fall

Posted by Greg on Jul 17, 2021 in Movies

The Many Saints of Newark
-Sopranos prequel
-Gandolfini’s son in starring role as young Tony.
-I didn’t even watch much of the Sopranos and this trailer has me hooked.
Read more…


Short of the Day: Learning Tagalog With Kayla

Posted by Greg on Mar 26, 2021 in Movies

Learning Tagalog With Kayla (Teaser) from Kayla Abuda Galang on Vimeo.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Spoilers ahead.

As we continue gushing about SXSW (trust us, you’ll be hearing about SXSW for weeks from us), we want to shed light on a short film that floored us. Learning Tagalog With Kayla begins exactly as it sounds. Read more…


Eddie Huang’s Boogie Disappoints

Posted by Greg on Mar 25, 2021 in Movies, NYC

We’ll just come right out and say it. We’re Focus Features junkies. Ever since the boutique, art-house film group started releasing films in 2002 we’ve done our part to try and see as many Focus Feature films as possible. It started with Far From Heaven and 18 years later we’re still trying to watch whatever they put in front of us. While they’re still prone to mistakes we can say we like at least 75 percent of what they’ve released to date. Read more…


Potato Dreams of America is a Winning and Charming Film

Posted by Greg on Mar 24, 2021 in Movies

Potato Dreams of America: Back To Russia from Catherine Joy on Vimeo.

We’re still trying to process and review all of the films we saw as part of SXSW’s 2021 Film Festival. However as the more time passes the more we’re beginning to realize that might be a tall order. There is one film though we’re quick to review and recommend: Potato Dreams of America. Read more…


SXSW Film: Day 1 Highlights, Docs FTW!

Posted by Greg on Mar 17, 2021 in Movies

THE OXY KINGPINS – "Alex & Papantonio" from The Young Turks on Vimeo.

Well here we are. SXSW is raging on and we are just plumb-tuckered out. We just finished participating in “Dream” (more on that later). For now, the film highlights from Day 1. It was a doc-heavy day. Not many, if any, narrative films to speak of so far. Highlights include: Read more…


Episodic Series Joy & Jim Makes Strong Debut

Posted by Greg on Mar 3, 2021 in Movies

We are big fans of the Amazon episodic series “Modern Love” and have been trying in earnest to find something that might replicate that viewing experience. Enter “Joy & Jim” a modern exploration of love whose pilot episode debuted at the Pan-African Film Festival last weekend. Read more…


Film of the Day: The Mole Agent

Posted by Greg on Mar 2, 2021 in Movies

Documentaries are at their best when they play out like narratives. Much in the way historical fiction has become one of the fastest selling book markets, immersive documentaries have the power to transform the viewing experience beyond just the subject matter. Read more…


Indie Film CRSHD Now Streaming on HULU

Posted by Greg on Feb 25, 2021 in Movies

One of our favorite films of last year, Emily Cohn’s hilarious coming-of-age film CRSHD is now available on HULU. We highly encourage you to check it out. Trust me there will be at least one, (if not more, characters you can relate with. Promise. Read more…


Film of the Week: A Tiny Ripple of Hope

Posted by Greg on Feb 15, 2021 in Movies

A Tiny Ripple of Hope Online Poster

This past weekend one of our favorite film festivals kicked off its 27th installment: Slamdance. While overshadowed by the more ballyhooed Sundance, this Park City-based festival showcases promising filmmakers long before they become household names. To date the film’s screenplay competition has introduced the likes of Marc Forster (“Loungers), Rian Johnson (“Evil Demon Global from Hell!), Christopher Nolan (“Following) , Bong Joon-Ho (“Barking Dogs Never Bite”) and the late Lynn Shelton (“We Go Way Back”) to name a few. The documentary portion of the festival has introduced the likes of “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” (2005) and more recently “The Art of the Prank” (2015) and “Kifaru” (2020). Read more…

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