Anticipating The New Album From Brand New

Posted by Greg on Mar 10, 2009 in Music

I’ve always listened to Brand New from a distance. I never got into Your Favorite Weapon and I never rushed out to see them live. Obviously everything changed when I heard Deja Entendu. A new respect began to blossom. I was fortunate enough to catch my first Brand New live show when they toured in support of Deja, while opening for Dashboard’s A Mark A Mission tour. I remember Jesse Lacey walking on stage and being both stoic and well-groomed. He had an air of arrogance that commanded both attention and respect. He barely moved. He just stood there and sang with near pitch-perfect vocals and it was quite incredible. I remember being impressed and walked away with even more respect than before the concert began.

In the three-year wait between releases, I played Deja a few times a year, I’d say once a month or so. This isn’t a slight in any means, just an admission that I have a large amount of CDs. The fact that I was coming back to this disc meant quite a bit. I still think some of the best lyrics written in the past 10 years are on that album. Since I was still watching the band from afar I was unaware of The Devil and God’s release date, but my then-friend, now-girlfriend’s intense interest in the band informed me that the street date has already passed. Whoops! So I went to the local store and bought the album and spent the month of November of 2006, digesting TDAGARIM. As a record, it’s a triumphant step forward , but as a listener, it didn’t move me the way Deja did. There are quite a few songs on TDAGARIM that are incredible and easily the band’s best work. Despite that, I still remained on the outside looking in, watching the band from afar.

Thanks to my current girlfriend, the same one who introduced me to TDAGARIM I’ve since seen the band twice, in support of said album. The shows have been somewhat similar. On stage, Jesse appears disinterested, distant, hazy, but quite intense during guitar breakdowns and jamming. As always, the songs have been performed with skill and precision. Before I get into the point of this post, I just have a quick question, where did that well-groomed, stoic lead singer go? Has that much changed in just a few short years? Granted I may have caught two bad shows, but Bruce Springsteen tears it up every night as if it were his last, is it that hard to at least feign enthusiasm?

I write all of this because since I first heard it five days ago, their new song “Trees” has not left my head. Though I don’t prefer the screaming of some of the verses (I always felt that’s a vice and a weakness in modern music) I do think that his vocals have never sounded better. The way he carries the notes on the verse “Bought a bride,” is something that will remain in my psyche until my dying day, and I am so serious when I say that. It’s not often one song, a song in which I only like half of it(all the parts sans screaming) has stoked this much anxiety and anticipation. But that is the case with this.

I watch this band from afar, have only seen them three times in a live setting, only own one of their albums, barely listen to their music more than once a month, and yet, I can’t stop awaiting this release. I just want it to be released. Now.


He Returns!

Posted by Greg on Mar 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

I apologize for the lack of posts. I underwent surgery shortly after the Mike Birbiglia post. I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and hope to get this blog more active than ever before.

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