Michael Phelps is a Loser

Posted by Greg on Sep 9, 2009 in Op-Ed

Michael Phelps appeared on ESPN2’s coverage of the U.S. Open last night sporting another Fu Manchu mustache. He looked in a few words: greasy, sleazy and unkempt. To take it even farther, he makes “Eastbound and Down” actor Danny McBride look refined. If this comes across as harsh, let’s look at the anointed one’s rap sheet in the last few years: Pot smokin’, drunk drivin’, failure to comply with DMV restrictions. Is it just me or is this guy a little too prone to mistakes? Now granted everyone is prone to foibles and missteps, but at the rate he’s going, who knows what’s next. This hayseed, insolent loser goes about life as if laws and societal norms don’t apply to him. Perhaps this is cruel, but he seems to show a lack of judgment on more than one occasion. You mean to tell me since this guy got back from Beijing he hasn’t taken it upon himself to get a Maryland license. Oh, please. He’s an arrogant, aloof, egomaniacal athlete who has had everything handed to him on a silver platter.

Baseball superstars Derek Jeter and David Wright both handled the media circus of New York at young ages without ever once getting their noses dirty. You mean to tell me it’s too hard for Phelps to follow their example? I don’t buy that for a second. He just doesn’t care. And everyone knows it.

I realize the merits of his accomplishments and I think it’s terrific what he did in China. This is not about him as an athlete, but rather where he seems himself in the public sphere. Truth be told, I was worn out from the Olympic coverage, and since he returned, it just keeps continuing. There were plenty of newsworthy stories and special accomplishments from U.S. and non U.S.athletes and no one seems willing to give them a share of press. This is just over the limit. Michael Phelps is a loser and he doesn’t deserve this much attention.

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