More Light Shed on Steve McNair’s Infidelity

Posted by Greg on Oct 20, 2009 in Op-Ed

Authorities released more than 50 text messages related to the murder of Steve McNair by his jilted lover Sahel “Jenni” Kazemi. The transcripts of the messages, available at the Tennessean Web site are in a word, nauseating, and truly leave a lot to be desired about McNair. Granted he was a fearless leader on the field and an incredibly charitable presence in local communities, but his personal life was sordid, improper and inappropriate. Though McNair’s marriage was hitting the skids (whether this was due to his infidelity or not remains to be determined), reports that he was heavily involved with Kazemi as well as another woman are truly disgusting. Additionally, there are also reports of a woman in Minnesota that McNair was heavily involved with. Which leads to the question, just how many women did McNair have on the side? Should we expect the same kind of greatness off the field as well? Is that even fair? Such questions will always cloud people’s minds and probably will until the end of time. In that time, let’s stop and celebrate those players who’ve gone above and beyond what’s normal, in their quest for celibacy, including A.C. Green and former Univ. of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Edit: Don’t even get me started on Tiger Woods.

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