I’m Done Listening to John Mayer

Posted by Greg on Feb 15, 2010 in Music, Op-Ed

Yesterday on his show, Dennis Miller took a jab at John Mayer. Never once did I feel like Miller was out of line. Last week, Jim Fusilli of the Wall Street Journal took a more pointed and deeply analytical jab at Mayer. Never once did I think he was out of line. Back in November, I took a jab at Mayer in a review of his album Battle Studies. l don’t think my assertions were completely wrong.

Before his controversial Playboy article, Mayer was already a preening, self-absorbed lightning rod who moonlighted as a singer-songwriter. So the fact that he stoked up some more controversy is nothing new. But it seems this time, his careless, tasteless comments in said Playboy article prove that he truly knows no limits and has no censor. And as the weeks go by, the interest of, for and about Mayer is completely waning. I don’t think I’m alone in this assertion.

The real question though is this: is he too impressed by the reflection in his mirror to even stop and care?

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