John Calipari and David Stern, I Loathe You!

Posted by Greg on Apr 8, 2010 in Op-Ed

So this is why teams hire John Calipari? So he can recruit NBA-ready freshman who depart his program after one year? Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Sorry for not attending your class, I was busy trying to reach the Final Four.

Haven’t we seen this before? Isn’t this pattern getting tiring? In the end, all that matters is that Kentucky had a sensational year and lasted until the Elite 8. Calipari proved his salary. And so it continues. He has to rebuild the program for a second consecutive year. And sure enough Kentucky will probably make another Elite 8. Calipari is great at getting freshman to play for him, he just never cajoles them into sticking around. And who can blame them. Riches and royalties await. Picking up a textbook though, psht, that’s for losers.

How can UK boosters actually embrace this kind of track record and smile from ear-to-ear? Once upon a time college basketball had programs of integrity, these days they’re only found in the Patriot League.

John Calipari can rack up as many wins as he desires. He can take as many teams to the Final Four as he wants, but he will never receive an endorsement from me. High school students go to college to gain an education and forge their careers. Calipari signees go to college to pave their way into the NBA.

David Stern can defend the one-year-in-college rule all he wants, but he’s prolonging this trend and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Until Stern changes his ways, the NBA will get no love from me. And neither will Calipari. Once upon a time four years in college was an honorable thing. In the pathetic landscape of Division I college sports, it’s now a rarity. And Calipari and Stern are doing absolutely nothing to change that.

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