Albert Haynesworth…….You Are An Asshole!

Posted by Greg on Jun 17, 2010 in Op-Ed

On the drive to work, Mike and Mike were labeling Albert Haynesworth as the poster child for selfish athletes, after his public grumbling over his upcoming contract negotiations. This of course leads me to wonder: at what point do we put our foot down and run this guy out of football? Lest not forget he griped about playing time all of last year, and while on the Titans intentionally and violently stomped on the face of Cowboys center Andre Gurode, an act that resulted in Gurode needing 35 stiches on his forehead and near his eye.

Haynesworth’s teammate London Fletcher spoke out against his selfish actions, but the entire league needs to do so, everyone from players association spokespeople -––– Tom Brady and Ray Lewis, I’m looking at you ––– to Mike Shanahan, Daniel Snyder and Roger Goodell. Let’s make a stand that selfishness -–– in a team sport, no less ––– should not be tolerated.

But this of course is just wishful thinking. After all, the number of felons in the National Football League is only climbing. This despite the fact that Roger Goodell champions himself as a smackdown sheriff.

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