The LeBron Effect

Posted by Greg on Jul 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

So this is how it happens? The NBA, which once had a glorious and promising future has now become just another money-soaked, narcissistic sports league. After Chris Paul publicly announced his intentions to leave New Orleans, the cynic in me started roaring. Who’s next after Paul? When does this domino charade end? When will players ever realize they owe something to their fans and the city they’re representing.

Before LeBron, the Cavaliers hadn’t been to the playoffs since a first-round loss to Indiana in 1998. Then for a fortunate seven years they had the chosen one on their side and relished the limelight. But now without him, they’ve become just another hardluck town.

Which brings us to New Orleans, the hardest of hard-luck towns, which would still be mired in defeat and pessimism had it not been for Drew Brees and Sean Payton. And yet, New Orleans had a basketball team to root for and get behind, with Paul on the court. Whether that happens is now very much in question.

Where is Paul expecting to go, and why? Is it because, he too, wants to partner with his competitors and walk arm-in-arm with his former foes? Please tell me no. Where has the competitive spirit gone? Is there such a thing as rivalries anymore?

None of this of course is new information, and much of it has been discussed ad nauseam by various sports blogs and the like. But for someone who has never fully embraced the NBA, the current trend of superstars wanting to leave, is doing very little to keep me interested.

So go ahead Chris Paul, leave New Orleans. But don’t expect me to root for you.


Live365 and the Advent of Country Music

Posted by Greg on Jul 14, 2010 in Music, Op-Ed, Websites

I’ll just come right out and say it. The past 16 days of my life have been inundated with country music. Most of this is by my choosing, but the other half may just be the inherent magnetism of the genre. On a lark, I decided to listen to iTunes radio at work. In truth I was tired of listening to the girls at work chatter and gossip and I needed a distraction. Having grown up around country music, and having attended college in North Carolina for six years, it’s always been a part of my life, but it’s never been a daily staple.

Because the New York metro area dislikes country music, I went immediately to the country pre-sets on iTunes and the first one that caught my eye was Constant Country KRS. Sure enough the station is based in New Jersey, just across the river from Manhattan in the urban enclave of Edgewater. The first four songs played were “Pound Sign,” by Kevin Fowler, “Pray for You,” by Jaron and the Long Road to Love, “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer,” by Billy Currington and “Trailerhood,” by Toby Keith. And then I was sold.

Upon Googling Constant Country KRS, I found out that it’s part of the Live365 family. I had heard of Live365 before but had never given it the time of day. And well, now that’s all changed. As each new day dawned, I found myself putting on Constant Country KRS as soon as I logged on. And just like that, the days quickly flew by. But, this appreciation for country has extended even farther. While I’ve always watched GAC and CMT with sporadic interest, they are now an everyday staple. Somehow, country music has overtaken my life. And somehow, someway I feel okay with this. I’m comfortable with this new direction and to be quite truthful, I’m not sure I’ve heard a bad song in the past 16 days. Is country music that good or am I just easy to please?

Lord knows what the verdict is on that, but I for one am thankful for Live365 and Constant Country KRS.

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