Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s New Single

Posted by Greg on Aug 7, 2010 in Music

As is the norm these days, another high-profile artist had a song leak weeks before it was due to hit radio. The only difference, this time the artist was country-pop superstar Taylor Swift. Said song, a gnomic slab of radio candy named “Mine,” is hardly dissimilar to anything in Swift’s back catalog. With the exception of the genius line, “You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter,” there’s not much else to write home about. What’s most troubling about this is Swift is at a point in her career when she can take chances. She can sing other people’s songs, she can add some nuances to her sound. Instead she chases down the same niche as Fearless and her self-titled and the entire things feels redundant. But at what point does one throw their hands up and say “Okay, Taylor, we get it, enough.” A few more listens to “Mine,” and that might be the opinion of this writer.

For another opinion (and to read somebody else championing the “carless daughter” reference) head here.

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