Thoughts on Darius Rucker’s New Single

Posted by Greg on Aug 16, 2010 in Music

I really wanted to dislike Darius Rucker’s new single “Come Back Song,” but something about it continues to latch itself to my brain. I don’t know if it’s the lingering nature of his vocals, the rhyme scheme, or what, but hot damn, it’s probably my favorite song he’s written since “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It.” Seriously, what a fun little ditty. It is not hie best however, and I know he can do better. His last album disappointed me majorly, so I hope he has something better up his sleeve with album number two.


Hallmark Film Fairfield Road is Quite Charming

Posted by Greg on Aug 16, 2010 in Movies

Okay, I’ll admit it, as much as I adore art-house, foreign and indie films, I really do love a good rom-com or light, fluffy chick flick. Thanks to the privileges of the day job, I’ve become a fan of the Hallmark Channel and its saccharine, tissue-soaked romps. Its latest, Fairfield Road, was an absolute delight.

“Fairfield Road,” centers on Noah McManus (Jesse Metcalfe), a Boston political aide, who is about to start his dream job as a legislative director for a U.S. senator and to propose to his girlfriend. But his entire world changes in one day when his new boss resigns amid controversy and Noah realizes that his girlfriend had been cheating on him.  

Devastated and alone, he and his dog Arlo drive to Harpswell, the Cape Cod town where he had intended to propose. There he finds comfort among the town’s peaceful setting and appealing local residents, including local inkeepers  Sam and Lillian who house him. But only hours into his stay,  he in turn falls for Hayley, a bookstore owner whose charm and radiance is utterly infectious.
As Noah begins to spend more time in Harpswell and with Hayley, he becomes involved in the town’s heated local election and challenges local developer Randall Richardson. For the first time in awhile, everything is finally making sense. He’s found a meaningful purpose for his life and someone to share it with. But what will happen when he gets another high-level job offer and his remorseful ex-girlfriend returns, luring him back to his familiar lifestyle?  

The film is directed by David Weaver, who directed the sweetly affecting “Charlie and Me” and written by Tracy Rosen, who wrote “Daniel’s Daughter,” the latter being one of Hallmark’s best films of the last couple years. Shot in Toronto, the film is produced by Cypress Point Productions and QVF Productions, with help from Emmy Award-nominee Gerald W. Abrams (”Nuremberg,” “Family of Spies”) and Susan Murdoch (”The National Tree). Metcalfe rose to prominence as Gabby’s (Eva Longoria Parker) gardener lover on the first two seasons of “Desperate Housewives,” he reprised the role in an arc this fall.

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