Two Stories: Braylon and Kenny

Posted by Greg on Sep 22, 2010 in Op-Ed

On Monday, Denver Broncos Kenny McKinley took his own life, leaving behind a son and an armful of loved ones. Those that knew him cited his effervescent personality and his jovial nature. Few if any thought he’d be the type to do something like this. And so for the third time in four years, Denver Bronco Nation is mourning the passing of a teammate. Suddenly whatever worries or anxieties were fresh on their minds have evaporated. This weekend’s game remains just a small step in a lengthy grieving process.

Two thousand miles east the New York Jets organization is grappling with the unpleasant news that wide receiver Braylon Edwards was cruising through the west side of Manhattan while drunk. Due to the player’s union unconscionable rules he’s allowed to practice and play on Sunday. Rather than rebuff the player’s union’s rules and sit him for the entire game, Rex Ryan and the Jets brass are benching him. And so, Edwards receives a slap on the wrist for an idiotic, selfish and dastardly decision. His pathetic and foolhardy public apology only makes this situation that much more grave. In said mea culpa, Edwards admitted that his act was not selfish and that because it was a legal matter he declined to discuss his emotions regarding the incident. Instead of embracing the fact that he’s lucky to be alive, he’s clumsily attempting to save face.

If only he knew how blessed he was. The tears on the faces of Kenny McKinely’s parents reveal just how precious life really is. Maybe one day Braylon will wake up and realize that. But let’s be realistic, that’s probably asking too much.

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