I’m Through With Taylor Swift Being Labeled Country

Posted by Greg on Nov 17, 2010 in Music

Just heard Tay-Tay’s new single “Haunted.” It’s not being released to radio for quite awhile, but it will make a dent when it gets released. The only problem is there isn’t an ounce, not a single freaking drop of country influence anywhere on the song. That’s well and good of course, Tay-Tay has never really been much of a country singer, at least not since her debut, but this song represents a pivotal sea change of sorts. How can country continue to embrace her? At what point do they chuck her to the side? The chances of that happening of course are slim to none, but if there’s any justice left in this world, “Haunted,” represents the point at which Taylor finally exits the country world and crosses over –––– completely ––– to the pop charts.

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