Boston’s Waterworks Museum

Posted by Greg on Jan 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whoops. Been awhile since I’ve written in this thing, so without further ado, here goes:

Roughly a year ago I found myself in Chesnut Hill, MA, just across the way from the reservoir killing time before embarking on a date with my then-girlfriend. In truth I was just looking for a place to park and unwind and listen to Boston sports talk radio. In the end I found myself on the grounds of the Boston Waterworks Museum and Apartments. Only I didn’t even know that’s what they were called. All I knew is the place seemed swanky, the architecture was stunning and I knew I was on the grounds of something special. The ever-curious, always probing journalist in me decided to tiptoe around and saw a sign indicating that I was on the grounds of the soon-to-be-completed Boston Waterworks Museum. I jotted down the note and came back from Boston and entered the title in Google.

Lo and behold the URL WaterworksMuseum.org, yielded a PowerPoint presentation describing the museum’s mission and plan of action for launch. I did some more Google searching and it sadly yielded very little. I was told it would open in the fall and remained quiet, hoping the new web site would be unveiled soon. August turned to September and September turned to December, and still nothing. But alas all that has changed now that the Web site is live.

All I’ll say is this. Having visited the museum in its infant stages, walked the grounds and looked inside the doors, this place needs to be seen to be believed. I truly feel like it could singlehandedly be a reason to visit Boston and I encourage all of ya’ll to check it out. If you’re ever in Beantown, do yourself a favor and visit. Please.

For those interested, head on over to the site

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