The Demise of Professional Sports

Posted by Greg on Feb 17, 2011 in Op-Ed

I don’t know what has happened to professional sports but it seems to have run amok and spiraled out of control.

I suppose it has been a long time coming but things really started tumbling when LeBron James hosted The Decision, a made-for-TV interview with Jim Grey, in which he announced his departure from Cleveland in favor of South Beach. While the event was listed as a charity grab, the truth of the matter was James just loves the spotlight and can’t stay away.

Flash forward a few months later and Carmelo Anthony is doing the very same thing after desiring a trade out of Denver. Rather than make a quick decision and help his team out, he’s putting the Denver organization and hordes of others in limbo by waffling back and forth.

But it’s not just basketball. In the NFL, owners and players can’t agree at all and the 2011-2012 season remains in limbo.

And oh yes, baseball too has the very same problem as Albert Pujols remains mired in contract negotiations with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Once upon a time recreation was sport and sport was entertainment. Enjoyable, unpredictable and worth spending an afternoon watching. These days, it’s a cash cow, a corporate power grab and everything sport shouldn’t be.

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