Recommended Music: Damon Fowler

Posted by Greg on Mar 27, 2019 in Florida/Long Island, Music

Stumbling upon a first-rate blues guitarist can be a revelatory experience. Stumbling across said musician in one of the most unique live music venues in the state of Florida, makes the experience that much more spellbinding. Read more…


New Release Friday: Bronze Radio Return – Entertain You

Posted by Greg on Mar 8, 2019 in Music

EDITOR’S NOTE: This album was actually released at the end of February, but we had some hosting issues and the site was down for about two weeks. Alas, we are back online and here is a much overdue review of Bronze Radio Return’s very fun new album Entertain You.

One of our favorite bands over the past decade has been Connecticut’s Bronze Radio Return. The quartet has shifted over the years, moving from a snap-tight roots rock outfit to an air-tight synth-pop outfit. Their most recent album, Entertain You, is arguably their most commercial to date and will probably land the band many TV and film spots. Heck, their last single “Light Me Up” is still getting tons of TV play here in Florida as part of Advent Health’s latest TV commecial campaign. Read more…


Thursday Under the Covers

Posted by Greg on Mar 7, 2019 in Music

We’re a sucker for a good cover (heck our favorite book of 2017 was Ray Padgett’s Cover Me), so it’s only natural we’d share two that we’re quite fond of. Read more…

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