Live Review: Beaufort Water Festival 2021

Posted by Greg on Jul 22, 2021 in Music, Travel

The future of country music is a 5′8 blonde spitfire who wears a bandanda on her head and hails from Northeast Louisiana. She’s a former barrel racer who moved to Nashville in 2011 in a Thunderbird trailer. She’s sassy, sexy and not afraid to be vulgar. Her name is Lainey Wilson and if her set at Beaufort, SC’s Water Festival last Saturday is any indication she just might be racking up a ton of awards before she’s called it a career. Read more…


A Long List of Film Recs After Viewing a Boatload of Screeners

Posted by Greg on Jul 21, 2021 in Movies

Parallel Love
-the alt-rock indie band Luxury tries to make it big in a small town in Georgia. A life-altering accident on the road to a gig re-orders their priorities and some of the band members become Eastern Orthodox priests. While that latter part is not touched upon nearly as much as we would have hoped for it is an inspiring and winning film that deserves more attention. Read more…


Music Recs To Catch Up For Missed Time

Posted by Greg on Jul 19, 2021 in Music

We’re fully aware that we’ve been slacking big time and the day job has me way too busy. But here’s a look at a few artists and bands that have come across the SITH desk in the last week or two that we highly recommend.
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Films We Are Most Stoked to See This Summer/Fall

Posted by Greg on Jul 17, 2021 in Movies

The Many Saints of Newark
-Sopranos prequel
-Gandolfini’s son in starring role as young Tony.
-I didn’t even watch much of the Sopranos and this trailer has me hooked.
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Checking in…..

Posted by Greg on Jul 16, 2021 in Op-Ed

Hey there friends. Wow, it’s been a while. Not much I can say in the way of excuses for such a long absence. I think our last post was mid-May. Yikes. Well, here’s the latest: I returned to working full-time in late May and have been pretty swamped since. I have a new position and it requires an immense amount of time. I’m also in the middle of a weight-loss program and that takes away from my free time.

Trust me when I say there have been hundreds of great movies, singer-songwriters and bands that I would LOVE to write about, but finding the time has been arduous. As always, I vow to try and get some content up so that this blog can still bobble along. But for the sake of reality, it might be best to say that SITH is currently on summer break. Not sure what the future holds as I start seminary next month. But I still have a passion for posting about music and film and I’m hoping I can get some more posts up before Labor Day.

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