Friday Nostalgia: Athenaeum’s Radiance

Posted by Greg on Mar 25, 2022 in Music


For reasons only known to my cranial jukebox I have been stuck down the earmworm hole of the music of Athenaeum. A nearly flawless 90s pop-rock outfit that lasted all of four years they soared to some pretty titanic heights. Single “What I Didn’t Know” landed on the Billboard Hot 100, soaring as high as 58. “Un-noticed,” another single from their Raidance album was used in the film Varsity Blues. The song “Flat Tire”, also from Radiance was a big hit in the Philippines. Read more…


Artist of the Week: Nate Bergman

Posted by Greg on Mar 7, 2022 in Music

Who the heck knows what makes music popular these days? The more one casually listens to Top 40, the more disenchanted one feels. At least that’s true for this writer.

In a perfect world Nate Bergman would be a chart-topper. Whether that ends up happening remains to be seen. But if this blog has any say in the world (and we think it has some) let this be the first of many posts championing the likes of Mr. Bergman. Read more…


Midlake Gets Personal on New Song “Noble”

Posted by Greg on Mar 1, 2022 in Music

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Some people listen to songs to find themselves in the lyrics. Others listen to hear a narrative play out that allows them to dream and ponder. And others want to hear a songwriter’s anguish. This writer certainly leans towards the latter two and nowhere is that more apparent than on Midlake’s new song “Noble.” Read more…

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