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Posted by Greg on Aug 3, 2018 in Music |


Volume, the debut release from Charlotte, NC trio The Eyebrows just might be one of the best albums released this year. From start to finish Volume drips with attitude, passion and swagger. Album opener “Red Dress” offers up the best example of this as Jay Garrigan’s vocals effortlessly dance across bright guitars and rich organ fills. Truth be told, it’s as good as any album opener released this year and is absolutely a song that needs to be flooding playlists and the blogosphere.

The jangly “Not the Same” draws on airy organ and Garrigan’s confident vocals to push the album forward in the most magnetic of ways. Two songs in and this album is already darn near impossible to dislike. Jaunty piano opens the supple and slightly funky “It Comes Down Hard” a song that marries off-kilter lyrics with a meaty sonic punch. Though it feels more like a nuanced groove song than that of an album standout it steers far clear of filler material and serves as a sterling bridge for the near-perfect “I Feel Unloved.” Breezy, ridiculously catchy and slightly whimsical, “I Feel Unloved” is an organ-drenched romp that is equal parts hilarious, fantastic and utterly irresisistible. Side A of Volume closes out with the fuzzy and crunchy “Avocado,” a drug-fueled affair that is trippy, freaky and downright odd.

Side B opens warmly with the synth-heavy “Suicide Love,” a swirling and lush tour-de-force that reitirates what a talented vocalist Jay Garrigan is, while also reinforcing just how talented his bandmates are. In an album chock full of wow moments, few shine brighter than “Suicide Love.” After such a titanic effort, the album expectedly dips. The quirky and poppy “She Can’t Stand Me” has shades of The Beach Boys but never quite attains the heights it reaches towards. On the contrary, “Pent Up Things That Die in the Light” has a distinctly 90s vibe that veers somewhat close to NC contemporaries The Connells. The slow-building effort is both rewarding and engaging and much like “Red Dress” absolutely demands wider placement.

Garrigan has never been one to write traditional lyrics and nowhere is that more abundant than on the standout effort “The Sun.” Bolstered by a syrupy chorus and an effortlessness that is downright magnetic the song seems to hint at just how entertaining The Eyebrows are in a live setting. Volume concludes with “Tonight’s Your Night” and much like its predecessors it does little to steer the listener away.

Though the name The Eyebrows may be new to some, frontman Jay Garrigan has been in various Charlotte bands for nearly two decades. That time logged might just be the reason behind Volume being so darn good. In a state replete with top-tier musical talent, a new name might need to be added to the list. A release like Volume should not be ignored for long. This is a record that absolutely needs to be heard. Here’s hoping exactly that happens.


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