Looking Back: 2003 – Wheat’s Per Second, Per Second, Per Second…Every Second

Posted by Greg on Aug 24, 2018 in Music |

With the latter days of summer now upon us, we thought we’d take some time to revisit our favorite summer album. As our previous post about Hootie and the Blowfish indicated, we are unabashed radio-rock fans. And no band pulled off radio-rock in 2003 better than Boston’s Wheat.

From start to finish, Per Second, Per Second, Per Second … Every Second is one of the most joyous, celebratory, sun-kissed and downright affecting albums we’ve ever heard. From the opening seconds of “I Met a Girl” to the inward introspection on hidden track “Don’t I Hold You” the album is downright near flawless. In a year where many albums were stacked with filler, Per Second had one classic after another.

Whether it’s the buoyant “Breathe” or the steadfast “These Are Things” the album’s opening four songs remain the strongest 13 minutes of any album relaeased that year. The subdued and cerebral “Go Get The Cops” is a tender and confident ballad while the breezy “Some Days,” the turbo-charged “World United Already” and the tenacious “Hey So Long (Ohio)” keep the album bobbing along without ever once dipping.

Sadly, Per Second never picked up the momentum it deserved. “Don’t I Hold You” made it into a pivotal scene in the Cameron Crowe film Elizabethtown, “I Met a Girl” was featured in A Cinderella Story and “Some Days” was featured in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. Beyond 2003 though, the album faded quickly. For the select few that listened, loved and embraced the album it still remains a must-listen just about every summer. Wheat went on to record two follow up albums and an EP in 2015 but over the last half-decade has stuck to mostly one-off singles.

No longer a quartet the band remains vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Scott Levesque and drummer and multi-instrumentalist Brendan Harney. In the years since Per Second there have been quite a few high points. Of those none shine brighter than “Changes Is” off 2009’s White Ink, Black Ink and 2013’s “Black Days Away.” As we segue into fall and football season, let’s take 40 minutes and celebrate this stunning collection of pristine radio pop.


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