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EDITOR’S NOTE: This album was actually released at the end of February, but we had some hosting issues and the site was down for about two weeks. Alas, we are back online and here is a much overdue review of Bronze Radio Return’s very fun new album Entertain You.

One of our favorite bands over the past decade has been Connecticut’s Bronze Radio Return. The quartet has shifted over the years, moving from a snap-tight roots rock outfit to an air-tight synth-pop outfit. Their most recent album, Entertain You, is arguably their most commercial to date and will probably land the band many TV and film spots. Heck, their last single “Light Me Up” is still getting tons of TV play here in Florida as part of Advent Health’s latest TV commecial campaign.

Below is a song by song breakdown of Entertain You. If you need a new album for your cardio workout or a road trip, look no further than Entertain You.

1. Entertain You (3:37)
A synth-heavy romper that is ostensibly the band’s mission statement. Ridiculously catchy, this adrenaline-fueled rocker is a little bit cocky but man do we love that swagger.

2. Temple (3:11)
Opens with fuzzy organ, a straightforward pop song about seduction. Truth be told the song falls a bit hollow and seems too generic and vanilla. In short, a late night-hookup song if there ever was one.

3. Ready to Go (3:34)
Opening with ringing synths and a faint church organ, this cut features ringing guitars and a distinct 80s vibe. Lingering and enveloping, this is most definitely the sound of a band hitting their stride and firing on all cylinders. Ostensibly a song about carnal desire and lust, it can easily be applied to any new endeavor.

4. The Storm (4:04)
A song that is slow-building and deeply moving. Starts off quiet, first song featuring banjo. Vocals appear to be sung through effects. Sit tight for the powerhouse final 90 minutes. A song that needs to be heard live to be fully understood.

5. Door Closes (3:15)
Much like Temple, this one is a bit generic. Most logically a song about moving on, it is a highway rocker about perseverance, that just might be the latest addition to my morning run playlist.

6. Come With Us (3:39)
Hooky and playful, very amiable. Arguably the most different from any of their previous songs to date. Also, the most intoxicating and inviting. This is the sound of a band wearing the new synth-pop sheen as well as any of their contemporaries.

7. With Me All Along (3:46)
A song that is most faithful to their roots, while also adopting that new modern pop sheen. Very hooky and catchy and one of the best on the album. A fantastic song about loyalty that absolutely needs to be on playlists. A minimalist pop song that is without a doubt one of their best to date.

8. Holding My Breath (3:11)
Cool song but by now the album is getting a bit fatiguing. Needs more ballads. First song on the album where we are missing the band’s old sound. Thankfully, the harmonica returns, but it begins to develop into a noisy, experimental and urban racket. While it’s fun to hear the band exploring new soundscapes, this one comes across as too self-indulgent.

9. Daylight (3:18)
An utterly irresistible pop song. A career best, highlighted by ringing organ. When the band sounds this good, it’s hard to not keep them off your playlist.

10. Here For Now (3:37)
Good lyrics, but a blah song. Third skippable cut of the bunch. Album should probably have been nine songs.

11. Slow Burn (3:00)
Opens with jittery guitar, very catchy, featuring great organ work. At this point the listening experience has become tired. Saved by awesome drumming and quite frankly, we wish it was earlier on the album.

12. There Will Be Another (3:53)
Just vocals and a guitar, a quiet ballad and one of their best songs ever. They need more like it.

CONCLUSION: A band that once had the promise of The Lumineers has become an American Authors, Imagine Dragons-esque vehicle. If that’s your thing, dive in and enjoy. To be fair, there is a lot to like here. But for those of that enjoyed the band’s earlier work, here’s to playing the band’s first three albums on repeat. Man we miss that banjo and harmonica. And man we miss that roots vibe.


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