Remembering Matt Rauch (1981-2019)

Posted by Greg on Apr 10, 2019 in Music |

The New Jersey music community lost a good one last Friday when singer-songwriter Matt Rauch died as a result of a car accident. He leaves behind a wife Sara and an 11-month-old daughter. Rauch was founder, principal songwriter and vocalist for the New Jersey alt-rock group Tourmaline, whose debut album Strange Distress Calls, appeared on No Milk Records and was produced by Chris Badami.

A follow up album The Swindle followed in 2008 and received widespread acclaim. But shortly thereafter the group disbanded as drummer Max Rauch left to form the band Washington Square Park in 2010. Rauch continued and Tourmaline released a 3-song EP in 2010. After a series of health setbacks, Rauch left Tourmaline behind and founded the solo project Carter, but that project was short-lived. Rauch had recently returned to the studio and was putting the finishing touches on an unreleased project. In addition to his wife and daughter, Matt is survived by his younger brother Max, sister Samantha and mother Karen. Rauch was 37.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Matt’s loss hits us here at SITH quite heavily. From 2004-early 2011, Matt was the closest thing I had to a best friend. He reached out to me via Myspace to cover his band Acoma on (now Chorus.FM) just as Acoma was dissolving. He had ample excitement about the new project Tourmaline that he was starting with his brother Max and his eventual brother-in-law Ryan.

What started rather simply quickly developed into a fast friendship. We probably spoke nearly every day. When I moved to Florida in summer of 2011, our paths started to drift and that’s something that still haunts me. For whatever reason, we just grew apart. We recently reconnected two weeks ago and he shared a new song he had been working on. He said that he was back in the studio and recording and that he was recovering from a jaw injury. We made plans to stay in touch and a few short days later, I saw the news, he was gone. I can’t apologize enough for the 7+ years we spent distant and not connected, but I remember fondly our many conversations, our many dinners and the endless hours we spent at both his home and his recording studio. His mother Karen, brother Max and sister Samantha are still tethered to some of the most positive memories of my young adult years. For lack of a better phrase, this loss hurts a lot. I continue to pray that his wife, daughter and his immediate family (Max, Karen, Ryan, Sam) find the solace and support they need during this most difficult time.

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough words to convey the proper amount of sadness.


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