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The awkward name aside, New Orleans’ Biglemoi is a band that you might want to start paying attention to. The passion project of songwriter George Elizondo, Biglemoi’s latest effort, Permanent Vacation, is a sterling album with very few, if any, flaws. As for that name, turns out it is a French dance featured in the book “Froth on the Daydream” buy surrealist author Boris Vian.

The quintet features instrumentalists from both Nicaragua and Spain and has their roots in jazz, blues and roots music. Permanent Vacation is their second album and was released last week via Bubble Bath Records. This album though needs to be heard to be fully understood. Album opener “Joyride” features big, crunchy guitars, swirling synths and the guitar-driven rock vibe that once dominated airwaves. Featuring a strong cascading finish and plaintive vocals, “Joyride” is a perfect opening to who and what Biglemoi is.

Stark piano opens the wintry and nocturnal “Sola,” a song which features verses sung in Spanish, and a sonic veneer that meanders towards Radiohead. At the 3:54 mark, the song elevates and results in a driving rock song. The entire thing is both epic and cinematic and veritable proof that this is a band that deserves, better yet, demands wider attention.

Playing homage to their New Orleans roots, “Permanent Vacation” opens jazzy and languid and has the tempo and pace of a summer sunset beach stroll. Aided by shimmering piano, “Permanent Vacation” once again borrows the Radiohead soundscapes but goes a bit further. Penultimate effort “Decipher” packs ringing guitars but limps along until the final 2:40 mark. The song accelerates and dives into a pool of synths. Of all the efforts on this EP, “Decipher” is the only one that still feels a bit green. The truth is, Biglemoi is a young band and this is a band that still has some growing up to do.

The EP ends with the celestial and atmospheric “Other Side,” a ruminative song that feels like a My Morning Jacket b-side and snakes along in a manner that is both quiet and unassuming. Bands that seem to make the most impact are ones that know when to restrain themselves and “Other Side” is a gorgeous example of that. Though they might be green, this is an outfit that packs a giant emotional wallop and should absolutely be on your radar. Biglemoi. Strange name, scary good talent.

Don’t believe us? Head below to see the video of “Joyride.”


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