Film of the Week: Give Me Liberty

Posted by Greg on Aug 30, 2019 in Movies |

If you see one movie this year make sure it is Give Me Liberty, the latest film from Kirill Mikhanovsky. Not sure who he is? No worries, he probably expects that. But after this film, you will most certainly know his name. Written by Mikhanovsky and Alice Austen and released via Music Box Films the film is complex, hilarious, infectious and completely unpredictable. What carries the film is its many moving performances and its novel use of comedy. Equal parts frenetic, frank and familiar, Give Me Liberty is one of the best depictions of marginalized communities we have ever seen.

The film draws on Mikhanovsky’s work as a medical transport driver and immigrant in Milwaukee. In the film, Mikhanovsky is portrayed as Vic (an incredible Chris Galust), a medical transport driver who is responsible for shuttling special needs citizens to a community center. Much to his dismay, the roads are closed due to a Black Lives Matter protest. Forced to take different roads to the community center Vic meets Tracy, who is portrayed by first-timer Lauren “Lolo” Spencer and pretty much steals the show from her very first frame. Tracy is ebullient, hopeful and whip-smart, she also has ALS. As their frenetic venture through the backstreets of Milwaukee elongates, so too does their personal connection. Add in, Vic’s entirely hilarious and eccentric Russian extended family and you have the makings of a top-tier and absolutely mesmerizing film.

In short, Mikhanovsky is a true talent and this marks the arrival of a great new director. Galust and Spencer’s performances are equally riveting and help make Give Me Liberty our favorite film of 2019 to date. Give Me Liberty made its debut in New York last Friday at the IFC Center. The film opens today at Laemmle Monica Film Center Playhouse 7. The film also opens today at Laemmle’s Town Center in Los Angeles.

For more details about future showings, head to the film’s IMDB listing or Music Box Films website.


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