Song of the Day: Robert Sarazin Blake – “Ukrainian Phone Call”

Posted by Greg on Nov 7, 2019 in Music |

sarazin blake

For as long as we’ve been listening to music intelligently (age 15 or so) we’ve had a soft spot for folksingers. We also love politics, even if the current state of affairs is an ugly quagmire. Picking up on that quagmire vibe, singer-songwriter Robert Sarazin Blake has released a fantastic new song “Ukrainian Phone Call.” Sturdy, confident and strong, it falls somewhere between Steve Poltz, Dan Bern and Ani DiFranco.

Truth be told, we’ve never heard of Sarazin Blake before today. A quick Google search reveals that Sarazin Blake hails from Bellingham, WA and has spent the last two decades touring North America, Ireland, Germany and beyond. He’s received praise from esteemed critic Robert Christgau.

For “Ukrainian Phone Call,” Sarazin Blake is joined by C.R Avery on harmonica, Noah Walker on electric guitar and bass, Jeremy Baum on Hammond B3 and Marc L’Esperance on drums, guitar and backing vocals. L’Esperance also recorded, mixed and mastered the song at his studio in Vancouver, British Columbia last month.

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In short, Sarazin Blake might be a new name to us, but one thing is for certain, with a song this important, this well-executed and this confident, we’ll be keeping him on our radar in the days and weeks to come. Once upon a time, music like this was celebrated, here’s hoping Sarazin Blake will be celebrated too.

Listen to “Ukrainian Phone Call” below:


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