Song of the Day: The Memories – “Purple”

Posted by Greg on May 14, 2020 in Music |


We’ve been in somewhat of a music vacuum these days. That is to say, we’re not exactly inundating ourselves with music on a daily basis. But sometimes a song comes along that pulls you out of that vacuum. This week that song is “Purple” from Los Angeles collective The Memories.

A mesmerizing slow-burn that is equal parts hypnotic, hallucinatory and hazy, “Purple” features woozy vocals from New Jersey’s DIY chanteuse PYNKIE, a blanket of lush keys and some seriously slinky guitar work.

So who exactly are The Memories? Well, that’s hard to sum up in just a few words. Ostensibly they are a collective of like-minded artists and songwriters who formed in Portland in 2010 before relocating to Los Angeles and starting the record label Gnar Tapes. “Purple” is the fourth and final single from the band’s latest album Pickle and Pies is due out May 29th.

Having now heard four of the 13 songs from this album it’s fair to say this is going to be a release that sticks with us long after 2020 is through. This pandemic might indeed be trying to strangle us all, but with songs like “Purple” in our ears, it is hard to stay down for too long. Here’s to emerging from a music vacuum refreshed and ready, and here’s to The Memories for crafting such a gorgeous song.


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