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After the Murder of Albert Lima, a Crackle Original film which debuted today on the streaming site, is a documentary which straddles the line between true crime documentary and narrative in a way that is compelling and worth the 90 minute investment.

Without ever knowing who Albert Lima is and/or why he was murdered we are introduced to his son Paul who is working as a certified professional trainer in Florida. The next scene shows Paul on the phone with Cindy Crim, an American citizen living in Honduras with her husband Kent. The Crims appear willing to help Paul obtain tasers and stun guns but for reasons that are not explained. That introduction, revealed in the film’s first few minutes, very much explains the tenor and arc of this film. This is a true crime doc that will be a chaotic, intense and harrowing journey. But will it end with a positive resolution?

For the uninformed Albert Lima was a prominent lawyer and businessman based in Tampa, FL who went to Honduras to help a floundering bakery business owner named Martin Freeman. That altruistic gesture proved to be Albert Lima’s gravest mistake. On a visit back to Honduras to receive payment for his loan Lima is murdered by Freeman’s two sons. We soon learn that Lima’s killer spent time in jail but paid off cops to avoid his 17 year prison sentence.

For 13 years Paul has been hard at work trying to avenge his father’s death. Playing out like an episode of NBC’s Dateline and Netflix’s The Pharmacist we watch Paul as he recruits two bounty hunters who join him as he sets out for Croatan to bring his fathers killer to justice. Director Aengus James’ second full-length documentary feature follows Paul, the bounty hunters and the Crims as they navigate five days in Croatan, Honduras and the zigs and zags along the way. A joint production between Gunpowder + Sky, This is Just a Test and Meredith Vieira Productions, After the Death of Albert Lima is a must-watch for true crime junkies. While the film is far from perfect it does illustrate how one man’s tenacity and obsessive pursuit for justice might ultimately be the very thing that sets him free.


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