Checking in…..

Posted by Greg on Jul 16, 2021 in Op-Ed |

Hey there friends. Wow, it’s been a while. Not much I can say in the way of excuses for such a long absence. I think our last post was mid-May. Yikes. Well, here’s the latest: I returned to working full-time in late May and have been pretty swamped since. I have a new position and it requires an immense amount of time. I’m also in the middle of a weight-loss program and that takes away from my free time.

Trust me when I say there have been hundreds of great movies, singer-songwriters and bands that I would LOVE to write about, but finding the time has been arduous. As always, I vow to try and get some content up so that this blog can still bobble along. But for the sake of reality, it might be best to say that SITH is currently on summer break. Not sure what the future holds as I start seminary next month. But I still have a passion for posting about music and film and I’m hoping I can get some more posts up before Labor Day.


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