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Posted by Greg on Aug 2, 2010 in Op-Ed |

Not going to make a long post, just want to write and say why college football will and always will be supreme. Sure it has its share of problems and sure its far more money-hungry than it used to be. The conference expansions this past spring and the continued recruiting scandals, from Reggie Bush to UNC and all places in between are enough to leave a sour taste. But here’s why college football doesn’t suck. The following five things don’t happen at the college football level.

-Darrelle Revis holding out for a better salary and missing Jets camp.
-Albert Haynesworth and his traveling circus
-Sam Bradford signing a $50 million guaranteed contract
-Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson’s reality TV
-Tony Romo and Brett Favre. Enough said.

There’s only 32 more days until Sept. 2 and the eight games that kick off the season. I can’t even begin to discuss how excited/amped I am for this season to start. I wish it was here already.


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