2013 Golden Globe Thoughts

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Golden Globe Thoughts

Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz was easily the best part of Django Unchained and if you ask me, he’s one of the best actors around. So any time he gets hardware, I’m a happy dude.

Actress in TV Show: Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey. An amazing TV show and an awesome actress. Definitely happy she won. To be fair, of all the nominees, its the only show I was intimately familiar with.

Best Miniseries/TV Movie: Game Change winning is fine, but Hatfields and McCoys most definitely deserved it. Jay Roach is a great director when he wants to be serious, and when he wants to really bring it.

Best Actress in Miniseries/TV Movie: Julianne Moore is one of the best actresses out there. I never saw Game Change, but i saw clips, and I just am a huge fan of her winning accolades left and right.

Best Actor TV Series: Damian Lewis winning for Homeland is pretty cool. He’s a hard working actor and its a solid TV show. I’m not super stoked like all the Homeland fan boys, but I do dig him winning.

Best TV Drama: Homeland winning is fine by me. See above. Claire Danes and crew are all talented and work hard and it’s good stuff.

Original Score, Motion Picture: Life of Pi eluded me, but it’s on my to do list. Mychael Danna is sort of a nobody. This is way cool.

Original Song, Motion Picture: Adele winning was amazing. Her speech was hysterical, she’s always so humble and polite, and she’s immensely talented so give her all the hardware she deserves. I will never complain. Btw, the look on Taylor Swift’s face is the exact reason I can’t stand her. She has no concept of how to be a humble loser. Ever. Fuck her and her music.

Best Actor: TV Movie/Miniseries: Kevin Costner, Hatfields and McCoys. The miniseries was amazing and Costner is a personal favorite. So I’m stoked. Costner’s speech was great, but not for this kind of environment.

Best Actress, Motion Picture Comedy/Musical: Jennifer Lawrence winning is fine. She did well and does not deserve an Oscar, so give her this. Totally cool by me.

Best Supporting Actor in TV Miniseries: Ed Harris in Game Change is fine. He’s a talented actor. People seem to love Game Change, so I guess its the darling. But I can think of other winners more deserving.

Best Supporting Actress, Motion Picture: Anne Hathaway winning is cool. She may not win the Oscar and she did an awesome job. So this is totally fine by me. Her speech was a bit too saccharine for me, but her bit about Sally Field was spot-on.

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture: Tarantino winning is great. I enjoyed Django Unchained, and he’s got a good body of work. So him winning is fine by me.

Best Actor, TV Series, Comedy or Musical: Don Cheadle. Never seen the show, but he’s a supreme talent, so I am good with this.

Best Foreign Film: Amour winning is great. Haneke is an awesome director. Not sure if this tempers him winning an Oscar but this is truly awesome.

Best Actress, TV Series, Drama: Claire Danes in Homeland seemed far too predictable, but as I wrote above, she really gave this show her all, and she’s really come into her own lately, so this is awesome. Did not enjoy her speech at all though. She seems way too self-absorbed. And way too proud. But she softened it up towards the end, I guess.

Best Animated Feature Film: Brave. Saw it, liked it. Not sure what all the hype was about or why people loved it, corny as heck, but yeah I guess it’s a good film.

Best Actress, TV Comedy: Lena Dunham, Girls. She has been getting tons of press and people seem to love this show, so sure why not? What else is there for a TV person to win? The Emmy’s right? I did dig Tiny Furniture, so that’s cool. Her speech was awesome, just sad that she had torrid it, but that’s understandable.

Cecille B. DeMille Award to Jodi Foster: Didn’t know she was going to be lauded. She is way cool, and this is awesome. She was really weird, and way off in her own land. I did love her speech about wanting privacy. Her shout outs to Mei Gibson, and Cydney Bernard were pretty cool. And her crying was pretty awesome. Kate Hudson crying and others crying was pretty awesome. Did she announce her retirement?

Best Director, Motion Picture: Ben Affleck for Argo. This was clearly a makeup for him not getting the nom by the Oscars. The fact that he got a standing ovation from half the room is proof of how deserving he is/was. His speech was way awesome. Humble, patriotic, just way cool.

Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical: Girls winning was obvious and boring. its fine. I’ve never seen it. I don’t have HBO. Episodes should have won but its too brainy. I’ve only seen two episodes of that though.

Actor, Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical: No complaints about Jackman winning it, just not sure what that does to his Oscar chances. But its one of my favorite films of the year, so I am plenty happy with this.

Best Comedy/Musical: Not a shocker by any stretch. Les Miserables. Heck yes. Happy about this. It may get Oscar snubbed in the big categories so I am quite fine with this. Schoubil and Bonberg made it. How adorable and awesome is that.

Actress, Motion Picture Drama: Chastain was amazing in this film and definitely deserves hardware. Not sure if this taints her chances at an Oscar, but let’s roll with it. Her speech and her remark towards Bigelow was pretty darn awesome.

Actor, Motion Picture Drama: Day-Lewis. No brainer. Obvious. Deserves the award. Cool speech but a bit odd.

Best Motion Picture, Drama: Argo. Stoked it won, definitely needs some hardware after the snub from the Oscars. Great film all the way around.

-Tony Mendez introducing Argo was sweet and touching, but he can’t read a teleprompter and seemed to have health issues. Fail.
-Bill Clinton got a standing ovation. Goddamn the political left.
-Ferrell and Wiig are just truly awesome. Ferrell just is awesome.
-Paul Rudd screwing up the Best TV Drama introduction was absolutely hysterical.
-Sacha Baron Cohen came out with his drink in his hand. Screaming like an idiot though.
-Fallon and Leno were awesome.


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