Welcome to Karma, Dwight Howard

Posted by Greg on Jan 21, 2013 in Sports |

Dwight Howard was ejected last night during the Lakers loss. The team is now so far removed from playoff contention, they will have to pull off a miracle to make the playoffs. As an Orlando resident, no one is happier about this than me and the rest of my fellow Orlando residents. Howard’s ongoing soap opera about wanting an exodus from Orlando was tiring and a distraction. While he’s a tremendous loss, it’s far nicer to see a team of harmonious, team-driven athletes trying to overachieve and prove people wrong.

Additionally, Howard in LA not working out is proof positive that dream teams more often than not don’t work out. Why teams are so reluctant to build from a farm system, young rookies and smart GM moves, is anyone’s guess, but a win-now media mentality certainly doesn’t help. Neither do fan bases who expect rings every single year. Quite simply, there’s nothing greater than seeing both Howard and the Lakers lose.

EDIT (2/8/13): The recent media revelation that Howard and Kobe do not get along only further proves that without Phil Jackson, the Lakers are aimless and hopeless. It also proves that Howard is a team cancer and has no ability to tone down his own ego. He turned last year’s Magic season into a Dwightmare, and he has now turned this Lakers season into a Dwightmare. After two consecutive soap operas, who in the world would want to sign him and bring on all this baggage?


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