Ones to Watch: Nashville’s New Respects

Posted by Greg on Mar 17, 2017 in Music |

It’s always a great thing to receive an unexpected surprise at the most opportune of times. While battling a pretty severe head cold last week, the debut EP Here Comes Trouble by Nashville quartet The New Respects found its way to the Step Inside This House headquarters. Knowing absolutely nothing about the band, curiosity was instantly piqued. Heck, their publicist even threw in a free t-shirt. We’re digging this.

After a half-dozen listens, Here Comes Trouble (Credential Recordings/Caroline Distribution) is a confident slice of soul-based rock with equal amounts of R&B, funk and even radio-ready pop. Vocalist Jasmine Mullen has a natural charisma and swagger but draws on the strength of her bandmates (drummer Darius Fitzgerald, guitarist Zandy Fitzgerald and bassist Alexis Fitzgerald) to do much of the heavy lifting. From start to finish, every moment of this album is sleek, sexy and scintillating. Of the five songs, none are stronger than the soon-to-be-ubiquitous pop smash “Trouble.” Buoyant, bright and packed with one of the year’s best hooks, “Trouble” is the sound of a band inching ever closer to the spotlight. The EP’s only ballad “Come As You Are” is another step in the right direction as the band draws on the strength of Mullen’s smoky timbre.

Here Comes Trouble is not without its missteps. “Frightening Lightning” sounds hurried, busy and chaotic, if not a bit too self-indulgent, while “Shoes” has a strong lyrical message but comes across as a bit too messy. Young bands are prone to missteps, but there are enough kernels of fun to keep us satiated for more. Here’s to enjoying their rise to the top. It seems almost inevitable.


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