Band Of The Day: Midland

Posted by Greg on May 11, 2017 in Music |


Thanks to the fine folks at Big Machine, “Drinkin’ Problem,” the latest single from Texas trio Midland made its way through the SITH inbox. Hot damn are we glad it did. Have ya’all heard this song? Quite frankly, it doesn’t get any better than this. Many have already predicted a bright future for this band and with a song this intoxicating, its easy to see why. “Drinkin’ Problem” is old-school, breezy and ridiculously catchy.

Not one to stand back from a fight, the band points their finger at the tentpole headliners in the cheeky “Check Cashin’ Country,” a surefire single and a song that practically begs for a second and third listen. Equally as compelling is the pedal-steel laden ballad “Burn Out.” Timeless, tight and terrific from start to finish, “Burn Out” is the kind of song that Nashville needs right now. The band has been cited as one who can successfully bridge the pop-country gap while staying firmly planted in country. That is apparent on the slinky “Electric Rodeo,” a surefire ear worm with jangly guitars, a sweeping chorus and voices that are radio-ready, confident and more than ready for their share of headlining gigs.


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