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Posted by Greg on Sep 2, 2017 in Music |

nate angelo

The albums that make the most impact are the ones that take you by complete surprise. The ones that came out of nowhere, stop you dead in your tracks and make you feel something you didn’t imagine you could feel. Such is the case with A Matter of Time, the latest album from South Carolina singer-songwriter Nathan Angelo. A self-described soul-pop singer, Angelo mines the same sonic territory as Gavin DeGraw and Allen Stone, and is arguably equally as talented.

From start to finish, the album is a master class in what to do and how best to do it. Album opener “Beginning,” serves more as a prologue and gives the album a heft and a density that points towards the lofty heights Angelo will soon scale to. What follows next is as solid a one-two punch as any released this year. “Timeless” is exactly what its title indicates, a big-hearted anthem to love that is as ageless as music itself. Bolstered by inspired piano and an affecting chorus, it is the kind of song that demands bigger stages and ample amounts of airplay. Not one to slow down, “Spread a Little Happiness” is a buoyant and breezy slice of horn-laden, hook-heavy aural pay dirt.

The momentum continues on “Baby Not Yet” is unsurprisingly near-perfect with Angelo hitting all the right notes and the song’s lush movements being equal parts sultry, seductive and soulful. The album’s first half closes with the jaunty “Lifetime,” a playful paean to young love that flirts and dips with a deft touch that rivals that of his contemporaries.

On the back half, the album is just as strong. Highlights include “Any Day Now,” a contemplative meditation on family and “She’s the Song,” a touching valentine that feels minutes away from being covered by the likes of Devin Dawson. A Mater of Time concludes with “Beautiful World,” arguably the album’s strongest effort and the singular one of the ten that perfectly articulates why exactly Angelo is worth listening to. Ageless, indelible and deeply moving, “Beautiful World” is a welcome addition to a year that is already brimming with great new music.

To date, Angelo has shared the stage with the likes of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Marc Broussard, Dave Barnes and The Fray, to name but a few. With albums this strong however, Angelo may in fact be the one headlining in due time. As rich and layered as anything the major labels are currently hawking, A Matter of Time is a sterling and confident set that is well worth the 40 minutes.


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