Balloon Boy Story Makes me Nauseous, Leery

Posted by Greg on Oct 16, 2009 in Op-Ed |

There’s no way around it, what happened in Fort Collins, CO Thursday afternoon brings a lot of questions to the table. What kind of parents lose sight of their son? Moreover, what kind of parents go frantic and call the police without even checking in their own house? Thirdly, what kind of parents choose to appear on talk shows describing their ordeal, rather than face their drama in private? That this couple is comprised of amateur weather forecasters already says a lot, but that they appeared on the reality TV series Wife Swap, really sums it all up: attention seekers craving more than just 15 minutes of fame.

From the very beginning, I knew a boy in a runaway hot-air balloon was something that just seemed afoul. Accidents like that just don’t happen. Moreover, how in the world these people can talk about the great pain they’ve been through and not even consider their actions is just maddening. They made this into a state catastrophe. An airport was shut down, security officials were on serious high alert, all because parents were scheming for attention.

This is one disturbing and sick family, and one would hope the Wife Swap producers would be smart enough to make sure they never appear on the show again. The last thing America needs is to celebrate Richard and Mayumi Heene and entertain a family as despicable and horrendous as them. I hope they serve jail time.


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